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Kelly Slater
Action Cam Pro Pack

Kelly Slater is a visionary whose innate understanding of the ocean and enduring abilities have made him an icon of professional surfing and one of the world's foremost watermen. Together, we have created a high-performance range of solutions with H2O-ready enhancements built for those whose creative pursuits lie in water-driven environments.

Kelly Slater Action Cam Pro Pack
Designed with outdoor-focused creatives in mind, the Kelly Slater Action Camera Collection is a four-piece system that carries, protects and stores GoPro and camera essentials. Signature Incase solutions are optimized for performance in water environments with enhanced resistance to the elements and float capabilities. Fabricated in a subtle Dolphin Gray colorway with custom Aqua Tiger Camo print accents, the collection aesthetics draw inspiration from the appearance of the ocean's surface and the interplay of light and the dark at dusk.

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