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soap and milk

soap and milk is a visual experience to portray information in social media as an organic landscape of fluids. We envisioned droplets spawning on surreal liquid surfaces, melting and interacting with each other till they fade into the depth of their micro cosmos.
Tweets referring to a predefined hashtag, seem to become alive as bubbles as they bounce, playfully simplified and yet unpredictable within their behaviour. To witness the lifespan of this data, we wanted the observer to be able to touch and manipulate its visual representation.

Glittering atoms and fragile droplets of data spray across soap and milk.

The installation is designed as a visual oxymoron, between a larger-than-life experience and the microscopic insight into interacting droplets. By using a giant LED screen to expose the interactions of tiny bubbles, we wanted the viewer to shrink into the fluids – allowing new perspectives and interactions towards complex and detailed procedures.

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