Discarded jeans transformed into sunglasses

Stylish sunglasses covered reclaimed denim fabric and each of them is unique, how cool is that!
A collection of Solid Denim sunglasses made entirely out of reclaimed denim fabric. Every single pair is unique. Expect flashes of colour and an explosion of texture! With 6 frame shapes available there is a unique and perfect pair for everybody.

Mosevic take discarded and damaged jeans and use the reclaimed fabric in our latest collection of Solid Denim eyewear. They recycle jeans of all shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Each pair of sunglasses is built from layers of these different denim fabrics using their unique, handcrafted process in their workshop in Cornwall, UK. From flashes of colour and subtle blue gradients to an explosion of textures each and every pair of sunglasses is completely unique. Batch 1 includes 6 different frame shapes and has just been launched on their site


Worn 4
Worn Collection2
Worn 9
Signature Denim
Signature Denim – Detail13
Signature Denim – Detail11
Signature Denim – Detail8
Signature Denim – Detail5